2018 ICA POSTCONFERENCE Voices of Chinese Scholars over the Last 40 years 29 May 2018 Prague Czech Republic

As the 40th anniversary of Chinese Communication Scholarship is approaching, we invite scholars to participate in the 2018 ICA Post-conference together with the 8th Global Communication Forum: Voices of Chinese Scholars Over the Last 40 Years, with a focus on timely issues of communication and social interaction in China. This post-conference is designed to be held at the 2018 ICA conference site in Prague, Czech Republic. Using this 40 year landmark, this post-conference celebrates past accomplishments while tracing themes and insights into the present as a foundation for innovative Chinese Communication scholarship in the upcoming decade(s).

We look forward to reviewing the past forty years’ dissemination of Chinese Communication discipline with scholars from China and overseas through dialogues and reflections. We will examine and discuss the past achievement, existing challenges, as well as lessons learned from the past through different voices in the context of globalization and localization. We also look into the future of Chinese Communication Scholarship for the next ten years and beyond.

Therefore, this combined 2018 ICA post-conference and the 8th Global Communication Forum opens a platform for researchers interested in the Voices of Chinese Scholars Over the Last 40 years. We cordially invite people and scholars from all over the world to share their findings, exchange insights, and make efforts to promote communication research.


Date and Time:

29 May 2018 Tuesday; 8:30 am – 5:00 pm; including 1 lunch and 2 coffee/tea breaks

Location: Hilton Prague hotel

Themes and Submission

We invite scholars to submit :(a) Full papers of theoretical and empirical research papers (25 page limit, including references); (b) Extended abstracts (1000-1500 words, including references)

  • Proposals of thematic panels with multiple papers (2000 word limit, including references) on Chinese communication research, reflective thinking, comparative studies between China and the West, theoretical development in Chinese communication, or empirical communication studies in China.

Possible Themes could include but are not limited to:

  • Communication in China: Past and Future;


  • Voices and Dialogues of Chinese Communication Scholars;


  • Methodologies and Theories Innovation in Chinese Communication;


  • The Education and Reform of Chinese Communications Scholarship;


  • Globalization and Localization of Chinese Communication Studies;


  • New Media and Development of Chinese Communication;
  • Innovation and Transformation in Mass Communication;


  • Innovation and Transformation in Interpersonal Communication;


  • Innovation and Transformation in Organizational Communication;


  • New Development in Advertising and Public Relations;


  • Media Ethics and Media Law Research;


  • Media Economics and Media Culture ;


  • Media and Cultural Creative Industry;


  • Media Literacy Research;


  • International Communication & Intercultural Communication;


  • Political Communication & Public Communication;


  • Health Communication & Science Communication;


  • The Rise and Impact of Mobile Media and Social Media;



Language:     English and Chinese


Paper/ Abstracts/Panel Submission and Publishing


  1. Papers submitted in English must use the APA format; papers submitted in Chinese should follow the standard of Chinese academic publishing.
  2. Please send Two copies of your papers, extended abstracts or panel proposals in different Word or pdf files as e-mail attachments to 2018ica@sjtu.edu.cn.
  3. One copy of your paper or panels should be masked for competitive review, and the other copy of the paper or panels should contain a cover page with full contact information.
  4. The cover page should include the title of the paper, name(s) of the author(s) as well as affiliation(s). If you are submitting in Chinese, please also submit your titles, abstract, and cover page in English as well as Chinese. Once your paper, panel, or extended abstract is accepted, you can submit a revised/final version to the organizers by the deadline. Our full paper authors will also be invited to submit revised versions after the ICA conference for edited book manuscripts to be published by the conference organizers at a later date.


  1. Please list (1) title of the paper, (2) name(s) of the author(s), (3) affiliation(s), (4) mailing address(es) and (5) email address(es) in your e-mail.
  2. Top Paper Award: Top paper awards (students and professors) will be distributed in the closing


*All papers, except for invited keynotes and co-sponsor sessions will be competitively reviewed and selected in a masked review process.


Important Dates:


Deadline for Abstracts and Panel Proposals Submission: 31 December 2017 Deadline for Full Paper submission: 1st February 2018 Abstract/Paper/Panel Acceptance/Rejection Notification: 1st March 2018 Revised Abstract/Paper Submission: 1st April 2018 Early bird registration: 10 March 2018 Registration Deadline:31 March 2018



Registration fee will be $70 USD for non-student attendees and $35 USD for students. The registration fee covers the costs for conference attendance and conference materials, including 1 lunch and 2 coffee/tea breaks.


Once your paper/panel proposal/abstract is accepted, the authors must register the post-conference by 31 March 2018, or your papers/panels/abstracts would be withdrawn from the ICA post-conference program. All attendees need to pay their own costs of transportation, accommodation, and breakfast during the conference.


Conference Chairs and Contacts:


  • Organizing Committee Chairs:


Dr. Zhang Guoliang Head of Global Communication Research Institute, Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU), China; Founding President of Communication Association of China (CAC); zhanggl@sjtu.edu.cn


Dr. Patrice M. Buzzanell Chair for the Department of Communication, University of South Florida, USA; ICA Fellow and Past President; NCA Distinguished Scholar; buzzanel@purdue.edu; pmbuzzanell@usf.edu


Dr. WEI Ran Gonzales Brothers Professor of Journalism, University of South Carolina; Editor-in-Chief The Journal of Information Society; Past President of the Chinese Communication Association (CCA), an ICA affiliated association; wei2@sc.edu


  • Executive Committee Chairs:


Dr. Pearl WANG Haoqing (Dean of Center for Cooperation and Education Development of


ICCI, SJTU-USC Institute of Cultural and Creative Industry, a collaboration between SJTU and the University of Southern California; pearlwang@sjtu.edu.cn)


Dr. WANG Qian (Dean of Health Communication Research Center, New Media International Program Director, School of Media and Design, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, wang_qian@sjtu.edu.cn)




  • Global Communication Research Institute, Shanghai Jiao Tong University ·Chinese Communication Association (CCA-ICA Affiliate)


  • School of Media and Design, Shanghai Jiao Tong University ·SJTU-USC Institute of Cultural and Creative Industry (ICCI) ·Center for Cooperation and Education Development, ICCI ·Association of Chinese Communication Studies (ACCS)


Note: This 2018 ICA Preconference will also be the 8th Global Communication Forum held by Global Communication Research Institute, Shanghai Jiao Tong University. We have successfully held the 2013 ICA Regional conference in Shanghai and 2012 ICA preconference in United States. The 2012 ICA pre-conference (and Fifth Global Communication Forum) in Phoenix, AZ, featured over 60 presenters from 43 different universities in China and overseas and the 2013 ICA Regional Conference in Shanghai drew upon more than 300 experts, scholars, and students from 18 different countries and regions.